Saturday, 8 May 2010


OK, firstly, apologies for the lengthy pause in irregular broadcasts – been busy, though I couldn’t tell you what with (not because it’s top secret, but because I simply don’t know – in Engrish the term is ‘busywork’, I believe, er, understand).

So anyway, this has been percolating away in the back of my mind – I was hoping for culmination by fulmination, but an open letter seems a better medium…

To Hojjat-ol-Eslam Kazem Sediqi

I am confused by your denunciation of women for their immodest dress and your suggestion that such is the cause of many earthquakes, especially those that plague Iran and specifically Tehran.

I understand that by your interpretation (indeed the predominant interpretation) of Islamic texts women should cover themselves so as to avoid the possibility of leading young men astray and that failure to do so leads to earthquakes. Heaven forbid that young men should be responsible for their own actions, but I digress…

Were these comments not intended for global consumption? They have become so, and the response in the West is, as one might expect, scornful, and rightly so.

The comment was made to the media. The implication being that the comment was indeed for global consumption, but done so in a way that you could distance yourself from responsibility for its dissemination. I have no doubt that, somewhere in the back of your mind, you were hoping that somehow your religiousness and zeal might rub off on the less devout Muslims in the West as a minimum, and maybe even on some infidels.

I wonder if you realise, by your own beliefs, that such thought is irreligious and un-Muslim at best and apostasy at worst.

The West is, by far and away, not Muslim. As such the West is, predominantly, populated by sinners and infidels by (lack of) virtue of being not Muslim. Should you be right about the all-powerful Allah all of the West is due to be obliterated for such failure to believe let alone the continued immodest dress of its female populace.

Failure to believe and outright apostasy are the ultimate irredeemable sins – any sins committed whilst being a non-believer can be no worse than the sin of being a non-believer.

So why would Iran be Allah’s target for punishment of such sin?

Are you actually suggesting that Allah’s people be punished for the sin of immodesty committed by those who are not Allah’s people, when that immodesty is already eclipsed by the sin of non-belief?

I think you may need to check your faith as you are, yourself, guilty of apostasy.

Only Allah is perfect – except you don’t seem to believe that to be the case.


Alan (not perfect)