Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Now for a musical break.

Following are the lyrics to one of my favourite tracks. The relevance to this blog will be immediately apparent.

I wanted to post them because, for some reason, this track and its undeniable quality (especially if you like Afro-Cuban influenced deep house) seems to have escaped the attention of the myriad lyrics websites, and doesn't feature (even as an overdubbed backing track) on any Youtube videos.

The Man 'Question?' featuring Ashley Slater (Phillysophical Soul Mix)

Question: What are we here for?
It’s a question that has hounded us since the dawn of humankind.

(Instrumental break)

Question: What are we here for?
It’s a question that has hounded us since the dawn of humankind.

And if you look at all the texts, all the teachings of the prophets
From Zen to Zion, from Gideon to Kabbalah, and so on*
It boils down to this: The human heart is just screaming to be set free

So, how do we do this? How do we free the spirit, the god that lives within?

Question: What makes your heart sing?
For some people it’s the acquisition of power, wealth or fame

But from everything I have read, all of the wise words I’ve heard spoken
When all the theories and principles of life have been taken into account
There seems to be some kind of common thread, a universal understanding
That the human spirit aspires to be somewhat more

So, How do we get there, how do we achieve this evolutionary goal?

Well… now, I’ve reached the part of the song
Where I’m supposed to come up with the answer
Some quintessential catch-phrase
To define the meaning of life and all other such things

But after all my philosophising, and theorising
And contemplating and meditating
And generally just complicating things
I have discovered what really works for me
What truly works for me
Is to just shut the fuck up…

And Dance!

(Instrumental break)

And Dance!

And Dance!

*I know it’s not ‘and so on’ but try as I might I can’t figure out what he says – it sounds like ‘Co-wa’ - any suggestions as to texts or schools of thought that this might relate to greatly appreciated)
If the lyrics have piqued your interest and Afro-Cuban jazz or Deep House feature in your regular listening then by all means check it out:

Download and/or 90 second preview of the track at Juno Download

If the above preview and/or Afro-Cuban jazz/Deep House are your thing you could do worse than pick up the album - here's link to 2nd hand CDs from the indispensable Discogs.

Finally, download the single track or the whole album from the label: AfroArt.

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